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Our process starts with a personal trip consultation. We use this time to get to know you and understand what your dreams are for your trip. We then take care of research, design, booking and trip preparation. Each phase of your trip will be marked by personalized care and service from your adviser.

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We combine over 30 years’ experience and our trusted global relationships to bring you the best in luxury travel.








Story of Global Dream Vacations

Global Dream Vacations was born from my love for travel, pleasure in assisting others, extensive administrative experience and desire to work independently. I grew up in a family-owned business, so entrepreneurship was natural. After a couple of years working with another agency, it made sense to start my own firm.

My agent, Paula, came to me as a client, and was so pleased with their trip that she asked to join the agency. Mandy, I knew as an accomplished assistant to church and business and we agreed she was a natural fit for Global.

All our agents share a passion for travel, love for working with people, and frankly, more than a little bit of OCD attention to detail. This means you can have peace of mind knowing that we are watching out for deadlines, taking care of details, and coordinating an itinerary to make your trip easier.

Personal travels for each of us have included mission trips, taking humanitarian aid and God’s word to the far reaches of the globe. We have also traveled with extended family, and for business – what a great benefit! Our first-hand experiences (both great and gruesome) allow us to guide our clients in planning the best trips, while preparing for those unexpected events that can arise.

Each agent has traveled to similar locations (Caribbean, Mexico, Disney, Europe) while other destinations are more unique to the individual agent. Regardless of whether we have been there ourselves, our shared knowledge combines with our supplier expertise to bring you the trip of your dreams.

Satisfied clients who have returned to me repeatedly, and their referrals of friends and family, have been the primary means of building the agency to serve clients in 40 states. Most of my clients are via phone or internet, yet that bond of distance is transcended by technology.

It is a joy to help clients plan for something as special as a vacation, honeymoon or family reunion!