My travels started with a “honeymoon” year spent in London as my new husband was assigned there for work.  It was an incredible year of living in a different culture and enjoying dozens of side trips to explore Europe.  It set the tone for our marriage, which has included frequent travels worldwide.

Those travels included several trips to Russia to adopt our two children, Sarah and Joey.  Helping them acclimate to English as their new language, and to American culture, allowed me to see it from a different perspective.

My first career was as an interior designer and landscape architect, both of which require creativity, attention to detail and the ability to bring together a team perspective to one complete project.  I bring that experience and pleasure to Global.  My husband, Brett, and I have been Global clients for decades and my love for travel and past experiences made a perfect match to join the Global team.

My husband and I are long term members of our local Ski Club and have coordinated the group trips for several years.  Brett is an avid skier; I’m more of a “stay by the fire” participant and I know how to blend both desires for an enjoyable trip.

Whether a honeymoon, milestone celebration, large group experience or family reunion, I look forward to bringing my 20+ years’ involvement to help my clients have the trips they desire.