How Much Should Your Honeymoon Cost by Destination?

The first question we hear from engaged couples is usually:

“I’ve always dreamed of visiting a certain island for my honeymoon; what does it cost?”

“Where should we consider going? We just don’t know what is possible with the funds we have.”

An all-inclusive honeymoon appeals to many couples, as most of the costs are packaged together so they avoid unpleasant surprises. Some of the most popular all-inclusive resort destinations include:

Cancun & Riviera Maya, Mexico $3,000 – $5,500

Cancun and Riviera Maya have some of the most convenient air service from the United States.  The best air services mean you will spend less time getting to your destination and more time enjoying it.  There are so many resort options in the Riviera Maya region south of Cancun, there is truly something for everyone, in amenities and budget.

Dominican Republic $3,000 – $5,000

The Dominican Republic is known for beautiful beaches, which is one of the most popular features for honeymoons.  Beaches are deep and palm-tree studded; resorts offer a wide diversity of activities in addition to the excellent beach and water sports.  Like Mexico, this destination will allow you to start your honeymoon quickly.

Los Cabos, Mexico $3,000 – $5,000

On the Pacific Coast of Mexico, Los Cabos has many new luxury resort options spread across several towns that comprise the region.  While many beaches are not swimmable, for those who prefer the pool with great ocean view, they are picturesque, with spectacular views and sunsets.  This is also a great place for those who want to explore the local culture in the little towns spread in the area. 

Jamaica $3,500 – $6,000

The largest English speaking island in the Caribbean, Jamaica’s popularity is based on being many locations in one.  From laid-back Negril to the quiet forest reserves of the South Coast, or cliff side Ocho Rios, there is something for everyone here.  There are multiple all-inclusive options throughout the island, including the flagship resorts for the famous Sandals resort brand.  If an over-water bungalow is your dream, this island offers those for less time to arrive than the South Pacific. 

Caribbean Cruises $3,500 – $6,000

Not certain which island you prefer? A cruise is a fantastic way to explore several of the best of the Caribbean without having to repack.  Most cruises leave from domestic ports, making for shorter flights or even the option to drive to the port. 

St. Lucia $4,500 – $10,000

Framed by the towering Piton Mountains, this is a unique island known for boutique hotels and amazing farm-to-table cuisine.  With rain forests, beaches, mountains and ocean, there are many things to explore on a St. Lucia honeymoon.

Popular Honeymoon Destinations Outside the Caribbean


Surprising to many, Disney is the #1 honeymoon destination in the US. Whether you want to relive childhood memories or experience the wonder of Disney for the first time, Disney caters wonderfully to honeymoon celebrations.  There are multiple adult-only experiences to enjoy alongside the unsurpassed joy at the most magical place on earth.

For those who have more time for their honeymoon, there are further-flung options available. These do not offer all-inclusive options, so your budget will need to include money for food, beverages above the transportation and accommodation expense. 

Hawaii $4,500 – $7,00 + food

The Aloha State is one of the most desired honeymoon destinations in the US.  Surfing, diving, luaus, volcanoes, rain forests and unrivaled natural beauty are available without the necessity of a passport. Visit more than one island to get the maximum benefit of the diversity Hawaii provides. 

Greece $4,500 – $10,000 + food

Whether you desire ancient history or blue water islands, Greece has some incredible options for a once-in-a-lifetime honeymoon.  Or combine the mainland and island hopping to enjoy the amazing beaches and cliffs along with Greek culture. 

Ireland $5,000 – $7,000 + food

Ireland is an excellent choice for nature-lovers who want to explore at their own pace.  A self-drive vacation will take you from towering sea cliffs to village pubs where locals invite you to dance.  Amazing landscapes, historic landmarks, and the great outdoors await the adventurous.

Italy $5,500 – $8,000 + food

This iconic destination is hard to beat for a memorable honeymoon.  Whether you want to visit Roman ruins, taste wines in Tuscany, boat through Venetian canals or just soak in the Italian culture, there is a multitude of things to see and do. 

Maldives $7,000 – $13,000 + food

This exotic destination is a perfect choice for those seeking a unique honeymoon.  Many couples will add a second location like Dubai en route to these Indian islands.  The remote luxury resorts are perfect for exclusive romance with incredible views. 

Tahiti $7,000 – $15,000 + food

Who hasn’t dreamed of the original over-the-water bungalows this island destination offers?  The snorkeling is as amazing as the welcome luxury is overwhelming.  While more time is needed to arrive here, this is a perfect destination at which to get away from it all. 

Your honeymoon is usually a once-in-a-lifetime trip to make memories you will enjoy for decades. There are many factors to consider, including the time of year, your budget, length of time to travel and your interests and desires. For assistance in planning your dream vacation, email us at: