How Much Should Your Honeymoon Cost by Destination?

The first question we hear from engaged couples is usually: “I’ve always dreamed of visiting a certain island for my honeymoon; what does it cost?” “Where should we consider going? We just don’t know what is possible with the funds we have.” An all-inclusive honeymoon appeals to many couples, as most of the costs are … Read more

Lifetime Dreams Fulfilled

Steve always dreamed of seeing the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City.  The first time I met Steve and his wife, Chris, we talked about their desires and their past travel experiences so I could get a better feel for what they wanted this trip to include.  They have been to New York … Read more

Does the Internet Really Save Money?

But do you really? Here are some real client examples I received a call from a groom who researched and selected the place he wanted to go; he just needed help with the details.  I put him with one of our advisors and she immediately saved him over $700!  During their first conversation, she discovered … Read more

Life Happens–Prepare for It

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst and be ready for anything Travel insurance may not be exciting, but it is essential for anyone traveling today.  Hurricanes are just one reason; blizzards, flight cancellations or delay, lost or damaged baggage and personal items. . . the list goes on.  “But nothing will keep us … Read more

Before You Walk Out the Door

Your destination is selected, your plans are made. . . so what else is needed before you travel?  Based on decades of travel, my motto has become: “Hope for the best, prepare for the worst and be ready for anything”.  The following are some steps to take before you walk out the door.  Have travel … Read more

Trips to Plan A Year in Advance

Some trips can be planned as a last minute get-away, but some destinations need more lead time to get the most from the experience.  The requirement of travel visas, and possible health requirements also lengthen the planning time for some destinations.  A few of those are: Alaska: due to the shortened season (mid-May to mid-Sept) … Read more