Trips to Plan A Year in Advance

Some trips can be planned as a last minute get-away, but some destinations need more lead time to get the most from the experience.  The requirement of travel visas, and possible health requirements also lengthen the planning time for some destinations.  A few of those are:

Alaska: due to the shortened season (mid-May to mid-Sept) the availability is filled further in advance than many other regions.  To get the best options, planning a year in advance is recommended.

African safari:  depending on which part of Africa you desire, the timeframe may vary as to when is best to travel.  For example, in Botswana the best time to visit is from May to September.  For South Africa, September and October are considered the best months, though June – August are also popular. Kilimanjaro and Tanzania:  visit several national parks including Serengeti and conservation areas; the dry season is late June to October, with the wildebeest migration usually during June & July. 

Australia/New Zealand:  due to the distance from the US, many guests like to combine these destinations for one trip.  With the size of Australia being almost that of America, at least two weeks are recommended to best experience these destinations.   Many visitors limit their time in Australia to the east coast and combine that with New Zealand.

Egypt: a Nile River Cruise is an excellent way to easily see much of this region.  Start in Cairo for its highlights, including the Great Pyramids at Giza and the Great Sphinx before boarding a river cruise in Luxor.  Move to Aswan for the High Dam and Temple of Philae, see the ancient temple in Edfu, the shrine of the Falcon God Horus and return to Cairo before departing to home.

The Great Pyramids at Giza near Cairo Egypt

Israel and Jordan: Jordan is often combined with either Israel or Egypt, although any combination of these three countries is possible, depending on the interest in each.  With the high interest in this region, and since many visitors participate in a group trip, planning is important, especially for those desiring a spiritual emphasis. 

View from the Kidron Valley on the Walls of the Old City of Jerusalem

Russia:  again, river cruises are another strong choice here, as you travel from Moscow to St Petersburg, with multiple days in each of these major cities.  Time in the countryside allows a  further glimpse into daily life of the people, with the convenience of the same accommodations every evening.   

St Basils Cathedral in Moscow,Russia

South America:

Safari in the Amazon: safaris are not exclusive to Africa; South America has the Amazon to explore, either from Brazil or Peru. A river cruise is an option to explore this region, or a stay at an Amazon lodge with day trips to experience all it offers.  The low water season is June – November, allowing more opportunities to venture deeper into the rainforest. 

Argentina, Patagonia and Antarctica:  several cruise lines sail from Argentina through Patagonia and Antarctica to Chile (or the reverse).  The lines vary from intimate luxury lines to more basic expedition emphasis, with varying amounts of time spent in the southernmost part of the world.   The cruises operate October – February. 

Adelie penguins on the iceberg in Antarctica