Outlander, Game of Thrones and more

Is there a golfer in your family or friends?  St. Andrews Course (the Old Course) is always on the “must do before I die” list for golfers.  Why do I mention that?  I just met via Zoom with the Manager of the Old Course Hotel which overlooks the course, and is a wonderful place to stay and enjoy that much desired round of golf.    

Or how about a castle stay?  Gleneagles Castle has another iconic course for golfers, but it also offers dozens of activities for all ages and interests.  Falconry is a traditional Scottish activity to observe, plus horseback riding, skeet shooting, kayaking, hiking and more.  With 850 acres, there is lots of room to roam and explore, either on your own or with your friends or family. 

Scotland has a lot to offer other than just golfing; the Whiskey Road is always enjoyable, whether or not you’re a whiskey aficionado.  Frankly, it’s not my first-choice beverage, but I enjoyed learning about it and experimenting with the tastings. 

For Game of Thrones or Outlander fans, there are multiple places in Scotland that have been used in filming.  Do you want to see the castles and glens for yourself?  We can make that happen and let you trade places with Clare or Daenerys Targaryen.  (Doune Castle is Winterfell in Game of Thrones and is Castle Leoch in Outlander)

Blair Estate dates to 1105 but has been fully updated, and offers 12 bedrooms with en suite baths, providing all the amenities we expect in a luxury stay.  While you might want to walk in the steps of history. . . let’s face it—at the end of the day, I want indoor plumbing and comfort!

Part of my heritage is Scottish, and looking for the tartan and family history has been fun.  On my next Scotland trip, I will be going to “Meet the Makers” in Edinburgh; one of the fascinating tour options available.  They can not only help in researching clan fabrics, but will also get us connected to have clothing made with it.  I’m not sure Bryan will go for a kilt, but something out of the family tweed would be memorable. 

Regardless of whether you trace ancestors to Scotland, the cities and highlands offer something for all ages and interests.