Mexico Calling?

Has Mexico been on your radar after these long winter months? I’ve had many inquiries lately for travel in Mexico, so I’m taking a moment to point out three things that might help you decide what’s best for you and your family.

East or West?

First, the Pacific side (west) versus the Gulf (east) side. Generally, this is where most people are heading. In a broad description, the Pacific side is stunning, with more rocks and cliffs, and in some areas, not as “beachy”. In some locations, like Cabo, most of the beaches are not swimmable due to undertow. 

The Gulf side has lots and lots of long stretches of beach. There are some areas that are rockier, but still have small beaches. 

Both coasts are fantastic, just different. It’s important for you to understand they aren’t the exact same type of experience before you reach a decision on your destination.  

Cabo rock formations

Another point to consider is the time difference. I’ve noticed families with young children don’t always consider the impact a time change can have on the quality of their trip. For those of us who have traveled with young children, you understand that extra-early rising and early dinner reservations are not preferred.  If you live in the Midwest, your children’s internal clock will be 1 – 2 hours earlier than the location, meaning they may rise that much earlier than they do at home.  On vacation, in particular, do you really want them rising at 5-6 am?  

Finally, it’s important to know what requirements must be met for entry and departure. Advisors are always helpful, but perhaps have never been a greater asset than now – helping clients navigate our currently fast-changing world. For example, in April of 2021, the state of Quintana Roo implemented a tourism tax that must be paid before departure. I always advise clients to pay this ahead of time and will provide them which site to use. What isn’t commonly known is paying on different sites can impact the cost – around $72 a person as opposed to $11 a person, last time I looked.

If you’re considering Mexico, I hope these tips help you settle on the perfect location. And as always, feel free to email me if you’d like to experience your time away in a seamless, less hassle kind of way.

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