Rolling Down the River

In recent years, river cruises have become one of the most popular travel options for Europe.  The popularity is due to the simplicity of the travel style—you can enjoy a variety of destinations in the convenience of the same accommodations for the entire trip.  It is also a more inclusive trip, as your lodging, meals, activities and other features are included in the up-front cost, making it easier to be certain about your costs.   

The popularity, however, sometimes leads to less ideal choices.  A few months ago, I talked with a new client who took a group of college students on a river cruise.  As soon as she told me the line on which they traveled, I was not surprised that her comment was that the kids were not as pleased as she had expected.  Frankly, the line on which they traveled is very popular with the over 60 age group.  Had they chosen one of the options more geared to a younger audience, their experience would have been better.

Amid the multiple options, how do you know which line, and which itinerary will fulfill your trip desires?  Through the dozens of river cruises with which I have assisted clients, and traveled myself, I have gained insight into how to make those choices.  I’d be delighted to share that information to assure that your river cruise trip is all you dream of and more.

For first steps, I have a complimentary guide to “Is a River Cruise Right for Me”? that you can obtain here: