“Could you please just email (text) me the quote?”

It sounds like an innocent request, right?  Everyone is busy, and if you just email/text me the quote, I can consider it at my leisure.  What could be simpler?

The problem is, planning a vacation is rarely that simple.  You have a set of expectations for your travels, and we have a lot of knowledge about how best to fulfill those expectations.  However, for that to happen, we need to talk a bit.  When you ask us about a certain resort on a certain set of dates, it unfolds a process that happens much more efficiently in a short phone or face-to-face conversation than in an email interchange.

For instance, why did you choose that resort, or destination?  With that quick question and answer we may help you avoid an expensive mistake.  I know you’ve already researched your vacation and that’s why you’ve asked for that quote.  Is it possible that the information you’ve seen online may be biased or offered by someone with different priorities than yours?  We’ve personally visited many of the locations we sell and can give you firsthand information on what fits you best. 

For example, several years ago, a couple called and said they wanted to book a specific resort in the Mayan Riviera area of Mexico.  The simplest option for me was to book them where they requested, and move on to other work.  However, when I asked how they chose that resort, and what they specifically desired in their trip, the picture changed. 

They specifically mentioned wanting to run on a long stretch of beach (they are both marathoners), in addition to having an adult only, all-inclusive resort.  They were good on two of the three options, but could not tell from the photos that the resort was on a small cove beach.  The small beach area is surrounded by rock abutments and did not offer the running area they sought.

After explaining that, I suggested a couple of alternative options that fit their criteria.  The result of our short conversation was that they had the trip they desired and became repeat clients. 

Often, in an email “conversation” it is hard to read between the lines.  Sometimes statements can be misunderstood in intent, as compared to hearing the outlook behind the words.  One answer may lead to other questions that clarify the picture.  These clues help us get to the heart of the matter, which is the best vacation for you, in less time and with more accuracy. 

After we’ve talked about your desires we can more easily email.  As we get acquainted with your likes and dislikes–your “travel personality”—email/text may be a more efficient communication tool.  But, let’s be certain we’re both seeking the same features to achieve the vacation you want.  To get things started. . .  let’s talk.

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