6 Secrets of Sandals and Beaches Resorts

Shhh. .  I have a secret! Who doesn’t love a secret? Actually, I have several secrets that will make your stay at a Sandals or Beaches Resort more enjoyable.

Spa use is included

All Sandals and Beaches Resorts offer the Red Lane Spa, a delightful facility with steam room, sauna, plunge pools and relaxation areas.  Sadly, most guests are unaware that they can use those facilities freely and for free.  As the spa staff says, until they touch you – in other words, provide a spa service – you can come and go as part of your stay.  This is my husband’s favorite hide-out at the resort; anytime I don’t know where he is, I stop by the spa and invariably find him there. 

Scuba diving

Like most all-inclusive resorts, Sandals and Beaches have a variety of water sports included for guests, like snorkeling, glass bottom boat rides, kayaking, sailing and more.  They also include scuba diving, which is almost unheard of in the resort world.  As divers know, a dive costs around $100 per dive per person.  Sandals allows two dives per day per guest.  They have top notch equipment and are rated by PADI as one of the top 5 dive destinations.  Divers can not only enjoy the included diving, but enjoy the best equipment available.   That’s an incredible savings!

Autism specialists

Beaches is one of the few family resorts that has recognized the importance of meeting the unique needs of families with children on the autism spectrum.  They are the first Autism Certified Centers with IBCCES (International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards) in the Caribbean.  They have highly trained Special Needs Care Specialists who have received Autism Certificate from IBCCES who are dedicated to your child.  For families with these needs, this is a tremendous assistance to allow them to better enjoy their vacation.

Kids Camp Personnel Professionalism

Beaches Resorts include Kids Camp for children ages 3 – 17 and all staff are certified by the International Nanny Association and have an Associate’s Degree in Early Childhood Education.   Again, it provides assurance for parents of young children that the time their children spend in Kids Camp will be supervised and guided by highly trained professionals.  

Tennis Pros and Clinics

Many of the resorts include tennis courts, and for tennis aficionados, they include tennis pro on staff and complimentary clinics on the resort.  Another great option for tennis players to enjoy upping their game and benefiting from the expertise of the pros. 

Reading Road Trip

One of the absolute favorite things my husband and I do when staying at a Sandals or Beaches Resort is to take a Reading Road Trip. This is a two-hour trip to a local elementary school, and you get the opportunity to interact with the students and teachers. It’s an extraordinary opportunity to visit with locals, and to understand more about their lives. Taking my grandchildren a couple of years ago was precious and eye-opening for them, to realize that not all children have the modern buildings, technology and privileges they enjoy. While there, we also brought needed supplies to help with their progress, as some of these schools lack the most basic needs.

All-inclusive resorts have grown in popularity over the past decade; there are many that provide excellent vacations. Not only do Sandals and Beaches Resorts offer premium liquor, multiple restaurants with chefs from the country of their cuisine, but they also have an excellent spectrum of activities and highly trained staff to aid in the enjoyment of your stay.