When is a good time to travel?

Did you know that September is one of the lowest traffic months for travel almost anywhere in the world?  The reason is simple: school has just begun again and families are home adjusting to their new schedules.  Vacations are over, so many destinations are quieter, less crowded and a better value.

Caribbean & Mexico

Yes, it’s hurricane season in the Caribbean and parts of Mexico, but travel insurance can protect you from the negative impact of bad weather.  Further, an experienced advisor can guide you on locations that are less likely to have hurricanes.  Should bad weather start towards your destination, an advisor can also assist in moving you to alternate locations in advance.  I have moved clients through the years due to pending hurricanes where they were planning to travel and will most likely do that again in the coming years. 

Beach volleyball in Barbados


Like many popular destinations, summer is the busiest season for families, college students and others.  Come September, the weather is still good in most locations, except for Scandinavia.  European cities are quieter and less crowded; hotels and air costs are typically less expensive due to the lighter number of guests.  In some destinations, September is harvest season for grapes or olives, making it more enjoyable to visit and catch some of the festivals surrounding the harvest.

The Roman Colisseum


When clients ask about traveling to Disney in the summer, I try to discourage them.  It is hot, humid, crowded and, in my opinion, less enjoyable.  September is an excellent time to go, as the crowds are at some of their lowest numbers, and the weather is slightly cooler.  Disney begins the “Not So Scary Halloween” events in late August, and the Food & Wine Festival is on at Epcot.  It’s an excellent time to enjoy the magic of Disney if your schedule allows.

Fall visits provide more time for character meetings

South Pacific

Tahiti and Fiji are drawing to the end of their winter season in September (it is officially May through October), so the weather is a little cooler and drier.  However, the temperature on the islands average 79 degrees year-round.  September is what we call “shoulder season” in this region, meaning it’s lower occupancy than the heavily traveled summer months (due to honeymooners), but not the lowest occupancy which is typically November – March. 

Luxury overwater bungalow vacation resort on Bora Bora island in Tahiti.

Canada/New England

The northern parts of the North American continent turn to fall colors during September and October.  While it’s impossible to pinpoint the best time to see fall colors, late September is an excellent time to enjoy this region and the beauty fall offers. 

Central Park Autumn and midtown skyline in Manhattan New York City

If you are looking for a good time to travel to get the most from your destination without waiting in long lines, or being part of a crowd, consider September.  I recommend that you start planning at least six months in advance to assure you can access the best options.  If September works for you and you’d like to talk about the destination possibilities, contact me at laura@globaldreamvacations.com