Beach Vacations

Beach vacations

More than half of vacationers (52%) list a beach vacation as their first choice.  In fact, some companies only offer beach vacations due to its popularity. 

Where to go?

There are multiple destinations for beach trips, including Europe, Asia and the South Pacific, but the most common beach destinations for American travelers are the Caribbean, Mexico and Hawaii.  The first step in choosing a beach vacation is to select the destination; based on the flight availability, time for the trip, cost of accommodations and activities, we will match to your interests. 

Where to stay?

After the destination is chosen, it’s time to decide where to stay. 

  1. One of the first considerations is who is traveling?  Is this an adult-only outing or are you including the kids? 
  2. Do you want an all-inclusive so you have the convenience of knowing the costs up-front? [Note: see our blog on all-inclusive resorts—they’re not what they used to be!]   Or do you prefer to spend more time off the resort, which means an EP option may work better. 
  3. Do you prefer a more intimate, boutique resort or a larger location?  A boutique will usually have fewer guests, providing a more intimate feel; it will also have less entertainment, restaurant and activity choices.  A larger resort will have more guests, but also more variety of eateries, activities and entertainment. 
  4. Is food and beverage an important feature for you?  Unfortunately, all-inclusive resorts have a bad rap for low caliber choices which is unfair.  Many of today’s resorts excel in this area and have top chefs on staff, so don’t discount that option. 
High level dining available at many all inclusive resorts
  • Activities and events:  are there any specific sports you enjoy?  Snorkeling, scuba diving, tennis, golf?  Let’s factor those in as we consider possibilities. Is a spa an important feature to you? Are you celebrating a wedding, vow renewal, anniversary, milestone birthday?  Many resorts have excellent celebratory options. 
  • Beach or pool?  It seems like a silly question for a beach vacation, but is the beach or pool where you hang out?  Some people want to see the ocean, but prefer the pool for swimming. 
Zero entry pool overlooking the beach for those who prefer pool to sandy beach

Budget: the financial options are a consideration as there is a wide range for any location.  We don’t need the exact price established up front, but it’s helpful to have a ballpark idea to look at the right choices. 

Room selection

Once the resort is decided, there are factors involved in selecting the right room for your stay. The choice of resort may be swayed by the rooms it offers.  Some resorts have special amenities like butler or concierge service for their higher-end rooms.  Does that matter to you?  Room selection can include:

  1. Proximity to water; the closer you are to the ocean, the higher the cost of the room.  Bear in mind, too, that there is a distinction between ocean view and ocean front; one has the view of the water and the other is within steps of the ocean. 
Beachfront room = step directly on the beach
  • Amenities like room service or Butler.  For some of us, it doesn’t feel like vacation without room service, so let’s consider whether that is important to you.   
  • Ground floor or upper floor:  some room categories are only available at one or the other.  Ground floor rooms offer easier access to the beach if ocean front.  However, they also have less privacy than upper floor rooms.  Is the convenience more important than the view? 
  • Physical limitations:  if you have any physical limitation, a stay in the ground floor or the certainty of elevator needs to be considered. 
Butler service is the ultimate luxury vacation

These are a few of the first steps we need to consider if you are planning a beach vacation. If I can assist you in finding the right place for you to enjoy fun and sun, email me at

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